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For advanced prototype and part manufacturing. LT Century is your international solution for expedited and secure delivery of a perfect completed project. It is our mission to remain at the vanguard of manufacturing trends and development to deliver a product second-to-none. Our factory includes all stages of the manufacturing process in-house reducing overhead costs and ensuring security of your design.

LT Century is a full-service manufacturer. We offer manufacturing and finishing services for an incredibly diverse range of clients in nearly every industry across the globe. Our experience and manufacturing diversity allow us to approach any project regardless of complexity and offer expedited delivery with truly China-direct pricing. Parts, prototypes, and components built by LT Century are used in:











Dedicated to Your Success

We’ll make sure the parts you designed are made right, so your product is a success, and you look like a hero. From the first time we speak with you, to long after you receive your finished parts, our goal is to cultivate a positive relationship with you.

First we start by understanding the end goals of your project, not just the part specs. This allows us to see it from the same perspective you do, and ensures that we take real-world application into account.

Then we work closely and communicate with you throughout the production process so you feel involved and are aware of everything.

Finally, we do whatever we can to ensure the job is done right and you are satisfied.

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You saved my project!

...extremely happy with the finish, quality,paint job, graphics, price and delivery etc., no blemishes, spot on.

They are saying they have never seen such finish & quality before. He called me up to thank you.

Congratulations for a job well done. Keep it up.


Frank S. | Lead Engineer

Really a great experience. Recommended!

I would like to inform you that we just received your parts this morning. They look very good! Thank you!


Alan D. | Project Manager

Quality much better than expected!

Thanks for rushing this project through and getting it finished quickly, I appreciate your assistance here. These are perfect, please send them. Thanks


Sara C. |  Industrial Designer

What Can We Help With?

Prototypes are useful to determine function, but also make a great sales and reference tool. Impress everyone at your next meeting with a fully-functional prototype of your design they can see, feel, and move. Using 3D printing or CNC machining we can manufacture your prototypes quickly and with extreme attention to even minute detail. Create a prototype using many materials, including:

  • Metal and alloys
  • Plastics
  • Rubbers, and more

If you are not sure which material is best for your project, we are happy to help you determine the best solution for you. We will put our experience to work and help you find the absolute best solution for your needs.

Our low-volume manufacturing operation combines superior technology, integrated manufacturing and design processes, and unmatched talent to create low volume orders quickly, accurately, and which exceed your expectations. For volumes over 50,000 units, LT Century offers incredibly competitive pricing and production times.

Manufacture More

With LT Century, you get:

  • Connected, in-house operations
  • Access to expert advice
  • Many materials to choose from
  • Expedited delivery of completed projects
  • Superior quality control

If you’re ready to talk about your project, get a free quote, or just want to know more about us, give us a call today!

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