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Welcome to join LT Century, we are looking for the position as below.

–  Sales Representative

Sales Representative

This is a pivotal role that will be responsible for reaching out and acquiring new customer. Using your industry expertise and consultative skills, to help customers to have the most suitable processing methods and treatments to perfectly build their parts. And ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Please send your CV and details to if you would be interested in this job.


  • Marketing and acquiring new customer
  • Provide best in class customer service
  • Collaborate across departments to ensure customer’s parts to be accurately built according to their expectation and requirements


  • Outstanding communication, questioning, listening and relationship-building skills
  • Creative problem solver
  • 2+ years experience in prototyping sales required
  • College degree preferred
  • Knowledge of 3D CAD software
  • Passion for learning, coaching and career development

Work Location

  • America, or Europe