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Carving and Cutting of Materials via CNC

Carving and cutting metals and plastic materials into a particular shape or an object has always been a major field of work. Over the years, there has been a tremendous development in the field of milling and tooling of the metals and plastic. As human...

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Why should one employ CNC Machining in China?

CNC is also known as Computer Numerical Control. CNC machining means controlling machinery tools using automation where one can convert the material according to the given accurate specifications. The instructions that are given to machinery use CAD...

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How to Work Stainless Steel on CNC Machines

Stainless steel is one of the most common raw materials used on CNC machining workshops. Ship, cruises, planes, and cars certainly seem to use many parts made of the metal since it has proven to be a very versatile product. Aside from being a great...

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The Role of Rapid Prototyping in Precision Manufacturing

The key to successful product development is speed. That means the sooner your product can reach the market, the better is your opportunity to capture that market. However, during product development, you need to produce a prototype to test its viability....

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The Role of Rapid Prototyping in Various Industries

With rapid prototyping services, a designer’s vision and the CAD files come into life. This manufacturing process involves the use of special manufacturing techniques to make high-quality models of 3D design ideas. These prototypes are useful in product...

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Vacuum Casting Services and its Various Applications

Vacuum casting also is known as urethane casting and is used ideally for prototyping and for low volume production of industrial parts. This process is versatile but is often overlooked. Most of its application is more on plastic products preview using...

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