3 Steps to Get Rapid Prototype by Vacuum Casting – Step 3 Vacuum Casted Part

When viewing previous two videos in retrospect, we have already learned what is vacuum casting and the benefits that vacuum casting can bring to us. Recalling the vacuum casting procedures that are able to get rapid prototype, first of all, the master part needs to be made through 3D printing, according to 3D drawing files. And then, use the master part to produce a silicone mold for vacuum casting. So far, we have completed the preliminary works of vacuum casting.

Now, move on to the final step, which exerts a tremendous fascination on us. After finishing the silicone mold production, it is ready for getting rapid prototype via vacuum casting. Look on the video tutorial, it walks through how to make vacuum casted part with the silicone mold. Besides, it further manifests procedures and all matters consideration of multiple aspects.

There has been a turning point in manufacturing industry, in accordance with the advent of vacuum casting. As a result of its appearing, those who desire for small quantities production could reap huge fruits. Vacuum casting is an excellent solution for producing multiple copies of a design or prototype quickly and for the lowest cost.

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