All fabricators understand the value of finishing to add the required features on metal products. That comes as no surprise since metal finishing services can alter the metal’s surface, enhancing its resistance against wear, rust, and corrosion caused by normal wear, pollutants, and chemicals.

Many manufacturers use their finishing services as a selling point for several reasons. It can prolong the lifespan of the product, produces superior results, and the pre-treat surface can ensure superior surface adherence for additional treatments like metal coating.

This article will discuss the top three benefits of metal finishing services and how it can enhance form, function, and performance.

1. Additional Resistance

Like what we have mentioned earlier, one of the most significant benefits of applying finishing services to your product is it can extend the lifespan of the product. The metal finishing gives the surface additional resistance to wear. Other than wear, pollutants and chemicals can also hasten the disintegration of the metal surface.

A finished metal surface offers more resistance against abrasion, damage from chemicals, and from other factors that can contribute to its deterioration. With metal finishing and coating, the coefficient of friction is lower, and it will have higher durability to fight wear and corrosion. These properties are essential for hardwearing types of machinery.

Aerospace plating parts

Aerospace plating parts*

2. Easy Cleaning

By default, an unfinished metal is rough. It will get better by polishing. This is part of finishing services rendered to reduce contamination and adhesion. Aside from these functions, finishing can also reduce the amount of time needed to clean the surface. It will discourage the use of harsh chemicals to clean it. These chemicals can contribute to the wear and decrease the lifespan of the product.

3. Improved Appearance

There are several finishing techniques that you can use. It includes plating, anodizing, powder coating, e-coating, and silk screening. No matter what finishing service you choose, it can all improve the appearance of your metal product.

Aside from the look, it can also improve the feel of the metal surface. Whether it is matte, glossy, or a textured finish, all of these techniques can remove the unsightly and potentially unsafe burrs. There are also advanced finishes that can significantly eliminate other types of surface flaws.

Aside from the treatments, additional decorative options can also enhance the appearance of the metal product. Some possible add-ons include custom metal plating, color application, metal polishing, and glass beading.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Finishing Services

You know how important finishing is to your metal products, but how can you choose the right one?

Each metal finish has unique properties, and you should choose the best one. And as always, you should carefully consider them when choosing the metal finishes. Some of these factors include the color and the effect it will create. That is because the color of the metal finishing can have a direct impact on the interior and exterior design. The conditions and the environment can determine the type of finishing too along with the cost you are willing to spend on your product.



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