Rapid prototyping was initially meant for the production of identical plastic parts. Due to its accuracy, reliability, and saving of raw materials, it got the attention of major manufacturing companies. Metals and hard plastics were also involved in the quick prototyping process making people always enjoy excellent products. It has now developed into computer integrated system where designs are made using computers and then fed into machines and then produced into real tangible products. More advancements are yet to come and here are some of the most awaited trends of the rapid prototyping phenomenon.

CNC machining parts

CNC machining parts*

Automation and Robotics

Robots have been manufactured using metals and plastics and it has been difficult to create identical robots simply because the parts are manufactured differently. With the coming of evolutionary prototyping, software coders can now develop robot designs and make it easier for people to produce more and more robots. Changes, modifications, and other adjustments can be done using the computers. It is something that will soon happen because rapid prototyping has been welcomed by almost every person. Robot manufacturing companies are looking into how they can save raw materials because of the accuracy of these kinds of materials.

Digital Spare Parts

In some countries, people cannot buy top-end cars because they fear they might not get spare parts easily. An example is in Kenya where BMW has very few users because people fear that they might not get spare parts if their car wears out. For that reason, they end up going for the common cars such as Toyota and Nissan. What if there is a way manufacturers can send dimensions online and have the car part manufactured in your local area. Would this be a problem? The answer is no because when digital spare parts are available, people would only need the raw materials.

Complete Manufacturing

Prototyping is widely used nowadays to manufacture the parts but not all companies use it. It shall come a time when rapid prototyping is the real deal where company parts and items are made only by the prototyping technology. the automotive industry, electronic industry, and fashion industries will all be using rapid prototyping to design their products so that they meet the expectations of the customers. This is the best way to ensure you enjoy excellent outcomes at all times because accuracy and quality are all guaranteed. The machinery required for prototyping also discourages manufacturers to implement this method as the chief method of manufacturing.

To sum it all up, rapid prototyping is one of the accurate manufacturing processes and soon, it will be the common norm in almost every industry. Besides being quick and faster than any other process, it saves resources and can help to make changes without having to break the real product. Owing to the fact that it’s controlled by machines, very minimum training is needed before one could efficiently use it. You will enjoy excellent outcomes when you have the best machines and the best thing is that you can do quality checks on every stage so that the final product becomes satisfactory.



*Image from https://alljack.com/