A lot of industries and manufacturers have incorporated 3D printing as the main manufacturing solution for the production of parts and products. 3D printing is fast, accurate, and precise which comes with a wide variety of benefits making the project economical, viable, and efficient.

Some of the key benefits that come with 3D printing include:

Allows quick testing of ideas

When using traditional and conventional ways, it can test months or even sometimes years to create concepts and test design, models. However, with 3D printing designers, engineers and architects can print complex designs and patterns of parts and products within just a few hours.

Continuity of designs

With conventional manufacturing fixing of designs and defects used to eat up a lot of time, but thanks to 3D printing. With just one algorithm, it’s will print different designs that you are mulling over as well as make changes with your overall design to suit your design needs and preference in just one swift action.

The end-result being now you can make high-quality parts within the shortest time possible saving you a lot of time and money.

Working with real parts and materials

One of the things I love about 3D printing is the fact that you get real parts as well as materials, there is a wide range of materials that you’ll get to work with such as wood, brick, nylon, PLA, and ABS.

This will enable you to test and print a wide variety of materials and products. This applies to every industry, how amazing is that.

Hands-on learning

With 3D printing, it comes with a certain degree of flexibility and versatility, like say for example students can learn actively what they see as they will be interacting with physical models as opposed to just theory.


3D printing comes with indirect and direct saving cost incentives, the cost-saving part is the biggest benefit that comes with 3D printing as one can be able to reduce the cost of creating a prototype from $300-$1000 to just $2-$10 per part.

Industries that have benefitted from 3D printing


In education 3D printing plays a vital role which allows the student to print and test their designs, they can also evaluate it and look at areas that might need improvements. By doing so they can learn through trial and error as you’ll not spend a huge amount of time or finances.

Medical care

3D printing allows human parts and organs to be printed which allows doctors and nurses to train on these parts before the actual operation begins. It also allows the printing of drugs which allows for customization according to the patient’s needs, thus if you are allergic to certain ingredients it can be taken out.

3D printed dental models

3D printed dental models*


3D printing can help create dental molds that are resistant to high temperatures and pressure making them more durable. With small layer thickness and a high resolution, it’s now possible to create the perfect teeth.



*Image from https://www.businesswire.com/