CNC machining is a process which is meant to automate the operation of the machine tools. This automation is done through the help of precise computer commands. In late 1960s CNC machining has become the top industry standard. Even today, this is the process remains as the preferred method for machining. It is possible to produce many types of complex parts and customized components by using CNC machining with the highest degree of accuracy. Mills, routers, grinders, and lathes are some of the machines and tools which can be controlled using CNC machining.

There are many CNC machining services available today with a lot of expertise in the industry. Most of them offer custom CNC machining services as well. They serve all types of industries including the ones with small, medium, and large manufacturing operations like medical, aerospace, and even government. Small production runs, prototyping, and the ones with periodic schedule releases, and come with varieties of project requirements are some of the CNC machining services.

All about 5- Axis CNC machining

In this type of CNC machining, they utilize this computer numeric control for moving a component or workpiece along all five different axes at the same time. This leads to a high level of precision in machining of every complex part. The precision provided by this is way beyond when we compare it to any other machining which is available today.

Along with this, five-sided milling and 5- axis CNC machining is also capable of producing a highly smooth surface finish which is required a lot of manufacturing applications today. 5- axis CNC machining makes use of advanced technology, and by using this it can provide superior results. The resulted components are of high precision and 5- axis CNC machining delivers this superior result at an affordable price. This is the reason it is becoming a preferred choice mainly in the aerospace industry since it demands complex parts with high accuracy and precision. Along with aerospace 5- axis can also serve any other industry where precision and accuracy is of high importance.

Today there are many CNC machining services which are completely equipped, and they can handle any job which demands high CNC precision machining. Most of the 5- axis CNC machining services come with modern facilities like advanced and computerized milling along with turning centers. Some of the services even have laser cutting along with providing machining equipment like wire- EDM.

The CNC machining services also provide the latest CAD or CAM software. They eve feature lathe machines which are custom configured and can enable complete configuration with any other software like CAD or CAM.

5 axis cnc machining components

5 axis cnc machining components*

Choose the right CNC machining service

There are a lot of CNC machining services available today, but it is very important to choose one of them wisely. CNC machining service which you chose should have enough experience in this industry, and they should be providing highly consistent and most efficient CNC machining services for their customers. They should be able to provide exceptional value in terms of their delivery in every project.

CNC machining service should always be committed to making investments for resources as well as for machinery to fit current demands in the industry. They should always think about implementing emerging technologies which impacts their industry. They should feature latest and modern computerized machining tools along with advanced technologies. These will help them to deliver the best projects and to stand with their competitors. With all these, they can provide the best CNC services and gain happy customers.

CNC machining And Custom machining services

Many customers come with customized needs in machine building. So, CNC machining services should be flexible enough and capable of handling these needs. Some of the customs made machine building needs which are served by most of the CNC machining services are

  • Fabrication and welding of the frame or base
  • Machining of the parts
  • Procurement of components which are commercially available and certain raw materials
  • Specialty finishing and painting along with CARC coatings
  • Anodizing and plating and some other secondary processes
  • Entire mechanical assembly
  • Plumbing of hydraulic systems and any other associated pneumatic systems

Along with these, even wiring of certain control cabinets which includes operator stations and PLC wiring can also be customized using CNC machining. Other than these testing, debugging, and even checkout processes are customized as per needs.

When we consider custom machine building, the custom is used as the operative term. Initially, designers and engineers at CNC machining services will understand the unique needs along with the requirements of the customer, and then they try to develop the solution. They will have to pay utmost attention and care when it comes to the details of the custom needs of their customer and then only they can reach and exceed customer expectations. Once the customer approves the design, quality control and manufacturing teams at CNC machining services will start designing highly durable and high-quality machine parts.


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