Post the industrialization period, the economy has seen many machines being invented to help in the production process. Without these machines, it would have been quite impossible for industries to cherish their positions in the global market as they are. Globalization and liberalization also played an important role in driving competition and the flow of technology to various countries. Now, one of the major transformations that acknowledged the industries was the integration of computers with these machines. For instance, CNC milling services have made milling operations quite easy as compared to manual milling and many more.

When we speak of operating any machine, the computers play a crucial role because the economy has advanced and everything is taken care of by algorithms and robot arms. CNC milling is a prime example of the advancement that has not only increased the productivity for the manufacturers but also helped to lower the effort and save both time and money. So let us look at the basics of milling and how CNC milling services have helped the industry grow.

Milling and CNC milling

There is a basic difference between Manual milling and CNC milling services and that is manual milling is an operation where expert and skilled hands are required to operate on the workpiece whereas computers execute the machining under the supervision of a human. Apart from this, a CNC milling machine is much more sophisticated than manual. The whole process is controlled by computers wherein a program is set to computer language to aid the computers to understand the shape of the workpiece and the details of machining.

Milling is a process used in the finishing stage of the product where excess metal is removed from the surfaces with the help of a revolving cutter. This revolving cutter is also known as the milling cutter that machines the rough edges or irregular surfaces of the metal to achieve a specific surface finish. The metal is fed to the cutter and this is where CNC milling services overtake the manual machining.

Types of milling machines

Based on the requirements of the surface finish, there are different types of milling machines that you can find on the market. In a simple layout, the milling machines are classified into 4 categories which are as follows:

  • The column is the most common milling machine that you can find in the workshops. It consists of a horizontal table, also known as saddle coupled with a vertical cutting device. The vertical suspension allows it to be versatile such that it can even be used for drilling.
  • Turret, also known as Bridgeport-type system is more versatile as compared to the column. It is more helpful for practical use and many car manufacturers tend to seek their resort in turret milling machine because it can be repositioned accordingly.
  • The C-frame is the sturdier version of the turret which is used for machining hard metals. The carriage and the cutter are charged by a hydraulic motor which makes it very powerful and therefore, is used in many industrial settings.
  • Horizontal type of milling machine is the simplest type of machine that you can actually find. The bed is horizontal and movable while the cutter is attached vertically to facilitate machining the sides of the workpiece.

All these machines are now available with CNC. With the growth of computer-aided machining, it has become quite feasible to operate the machines just by providing the template for machining along with the metrics of inputs such as depth of cut, speed, and feed and voila, your work is done within minutes with high-quality precision and accuracy.

3 axis cnc mill

3 axis cnc mill*

Why you need CNC milling services

Basically, here we are talking about the advantages of installing or acquiring CNC milling services over manual milling. As it is a fully known fact that the intensity of competition is growing at an exorbitant rate, everybody is trying to push their rivals away from the business to sit on the iron throne of the manufacturing industry. So, following are some of the benefits that you can derive from CNC milling services:

  • It saves you time and the fact has its own statistical evidence. We all know that machines require less time to rest than human and their efficiency is also quite high. In the competitive environment, time is money and you have to put forward a good volume of products than your competitor. CNC milling services can produce much more than a normal human operator.
  • Quality is an important aspect of the production line because a single defect and the whole batch will be rejected. CNC milling offers a high-end quality production unless there is human error. It is easy to carry out quality control with machines and you will find that the number of defects per batch is low.
  • Money is yet another aspect on which CNC milling services thrashes manual milling. It may seem to invest a high amount while purchasing one of these but the amount of revenue that it can generate over the years is much high. Instead of becoming a liability, they eventually turn out to be an asset.

Now, you know what milling is and what CNC milling can offer, we suggest that you put your money wisely.


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