The world is progressing so fast and people moved from the traditional manufacturing processes to modern ones. The manufacturing processes now use methods that minimize wastage and maximize consumer satisfaction. As a result, there is quality product manufacturing that satisfies the end-user. Vacuum casting is one of these methods and we want to look at the applications of this method. What are some of the products that are produced from this kind of manufacturing process? Remember depending on the item to be made, the type of raw material differs from process to process.

Prototype Plastic Parts

These could be anything from automotive parts to laundry items as well as building materials. First, a CAD template is designed, then followed by a master model. From there, one can use either 3D printing or CNC machining products. Car dashboards, washing dishes, plastic basins, electrical insulators and switches, and shoes are made using this type of vacuum casting.

Prosthetic Equipment

If someone loses a leg today or a hand, there is a need to have that part replaced with an artificial one to continue body functioning. For this reason, casting using a vacuum has been important in the medical industry. The fact that there is a quality guarantee on all parts created has made many people get the best prosthetic body parts. From weight, and dimensions to symmetrical measurements, vacuum casting ensures people have the appropriate body parts with the right mechanical functioning.

vacuum casting prototyping services

vacuum casting prototyping services*

Automotive Parts

Automotive and aerospace parts have benefited heavily from this technology. there are robotic machines in the manufacturing plants that manufacture parts using this kind of technology. suspensions, pressure fuel rails, engine covers, vehicle flooring metals, and even dashboards, are all made using this kind of technology. All parts are measured for proper designs and dynamics to make them the best.

Custom Ornaments

Ornaments that are used for interior decorations are also designed using casting by vacuum. They are normally heavy-duty so only a few people can afford to order customized ornaments. Even wall graphics are plastic flowers or shapes can be made using this manufacturing process and you can be sure to enjoy excellent themes. The colors, the accurate designs, and other kinds of decorations are all made perfect for people to see aesthetic enhancements in their homes. Have the best custom ornaments from vacuum prototyping.

Making prototypes for advertisements has also become common because people want to entice customers. For example, the human dolls used to market clothes are also made from vacuum prototyping and they play a very great deal. Many other companies like the Nike company uses plastic shoe models to market their shoes.


Vacuum prototyping is one of the best manufacturing processes because of its endless capabilities in designing processes. All you need is the appropriate tool, raw materials, and design to actualize even the most complicated shapes. Quality checking should be done at every stage to ensure you don’t produce counterfeit products that will not be satisfactory to the end-user.



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