In today’s production world, thanks to technology, most of the manufacturers opt for CNC machining for the production of parts or products, especially when it comes to items of large quantities.

The CNC machines operate by using the numerical control of the system in place of routers, lathes, grinders, and mills, which required conventional machining that took a lot of time and effort making the whole process unprofitable.

The used in CNC machining china is completely different from the normal PC in terms of the software used to control the machine. Typically, the software is programmed with a G-code, and it’s fully customizable for every machine in the production process.

G-code is a wholly different machine language which provides precise control of production features such as location, speed, coordination as well as the feeding rate. All these features are essential for CNC machines.

For CNC machines, an automatic computerized system is operated by specialized software that is designed with its own fully customizable G-code. The software is infused with the G-code that sits on the machine invoking the appearance of a sophisticated desktop.

An engineer or designer will use the computer executing commands to the machine, which is equivalent to the work of several personnel controlling mills, shapers, grinders, routers, and lathes.

cnc machining parts

cnc machining parts*

Advantages of CNC Machines

For producers who specialize in the production of metal and plastic parts, CNC machining comes with a wide array of benefits. For different types of products and businesses, CNC machines offer plenty of benefits, and some of them include:


CNC machining is specially based on autonomous machining capacity that uses a digital template that provides a higher level of control and accuracy. At LT Century prototype, we ensure there are zero errors with an accuracy achievement of 1/1000th.


The CNC machines can be fully operated round the clock; they can fully operate even on weekends and holidays. The only time that it will come to a halt is only during maintenance.


Once our designers settle on specifications and the design parameters of the product are keyed in, the machines perform consistently executing perfectly even when huge quantities are involved without any delay. They will make the design process flexible and scalable.


When using CNC machining china replication of output is effortless and easy. Using identical design software production can be used depending on your scale of production, a fact which does not apply to conventional machining.

With advanced software you can perform any job with CNC machining providing components of different types of sizes, texture, and shape.

Reduces Labor Cost

CNC machining reduces personnel or labor when it comes to the execution of tasks; a single engineer can handle the autonomous task of CNC machines. But for conventional and manual machines, there must be a single operator that will handle each machine, and if there is a group of operators, they should have one supervisor.

Product Uniformity

The output from CNC machines is the exact copy of each other, a fact that is impossible with conventional machining.



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