One of the most significant technological leaps in the manufacturing industry is the development of computer numerical code or CNC systems. It has reduced the element of human intervention in the process, thus reducing errors.

The good thing about CNC machining is you don’t have to buy the equipment if your product requires this technique. It is now common to have this process outsourced through a third-party service provider.

If you are in the middle of deciding on whether to outsource your machining services or not, you should read this article. Here, we are enumerating the benefits of outsourcing your CNC machining services to a third-party.

Reasons to Outsource Your CNC Machining Needs

Using CNC machining services from a third-party vendor is a common practice among manufacturers these days. It is a subtractive manufacturing technique, where intricate parts are produced out of a block of material. The resulting parts are sturdy and used in a variety of applications. If you are considering outsourcing your CNC machining, these benefits might convince you more.

1. Reduce investment

The upfront investment in setting up the CNC manufacturing process is high. Other than the cost of the equipment, you also need to invest in training the operator. Given the large footprint of CNC machines, it also requires the expansion of the manufacturing space.

To avoid spending this large capital, the best course of action would be to outsource the CNC machining services. It is also more practical, especially for one-off or limited run production where you could not afford a huge investment.

CNC milling machines

CNC milling machines*

2. Superior Experience

Although CNC machining is not as demanding as the traditional manufacturing technique, it still demands a skilled operator to run the machines. It can be costly and time consuming to get your people up to skill. By outsourcing the CNC machining service, you will be taking advantage of the service provider’s skill.

These third-party services are well experienced as they are making thousands of parts a year. You don’t have to build up your people to be on par. All you need is to entrust the manufacturing part to them.

3. Varied Capabilities

Another advantage of outsourcing your CNC machining services is that even if you have them in-house, its capabilities can be limited. And if you want to expand what it can do, it will be another cost. It takes a lot of investment to buy additional equipment, a reason why companies buy only what they would require. It can be limiting, especially if there is a new product.

A CNC machining service is not affected by these limitations. They have diverse manufacturing equipment to offer. This is one of the key strengths of companies offering these services. And the diversity is not confined to machines, they can offer different file formats, materials, and even secondary processes like heat and anodizing treatment.


For some companies, the one-off production of parts can be a huge challenge because it can be an intensive investment. The good news is there are online services that could provide CNC machining capabilities. They can produce the parts they want without having to build their in-house CNC machining abilities.



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