Carving and cutting metals and plastic materials into a particular shape or an object has always been a major field of work. Over the years, there has been a tremendous development in the field of milling and tooling of the metals and plastic. As human engineering can be faulty with errors of precision in cutting angles machines and computerized devices are used in such process for accuracy and elimination of errors. Computer Numeric Control also referred as CNC uses computers with high processing to initiate cutting, angling and designs in metals and plastic materials. It triumphs over any flaws by humans and is supervised by expert professionals who monitor the product for its accuracy and check for any missing. CNC machining in China has undergone a great deal of development and is widely practiced.

  • Some machines during the manufacturing process add up materials to create or add the design to the final product.
  • The CNC machine uses the reverse technology by elimination of excessive materials and reveals the design within. It is a reductive process that is performed by one of the CNC machines.

Types of CNC Machines:

  • CNC Milling:
    • The process begins with a solid piece of raw material being placed and then cuts being made at precise angles.
    • This removed all the excessive materials for the exact depiction of your design in the metal, alloy or plastic.
    • The material wastage is kept to absolute minimum by eliminating all the waste, thereby reducing the production time and resource.
  • CNC Turning:
    • It is an extremely simple and repetitive method that can be applied for manufacturing process.
    • It is done by using lathe and then strip away all the excessive material and create cuts, holes and designs and grooves with great accuracy.

The design of our material determines the Computer Number Control machine manufacturing process that has to be applied for best results. Also you can ask for free quotations to understand the whole scheme of things. Perhaps the raw materials that are selected are one of the finest ones and are sourced for the best outcome will the design. Using these materials for the methods you can create a perfect prototype, small batch and low volume production qualities with pure China pricing.

Materials used:

  • Copper
  • Polycarbonate
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Magnesium
  • ABS
  • Brass
  • Nylon
  • PMMA

More than 200 CNC Milling and Turning machines with carrying axis levels of 3, 4 & 5 axis are equipped with the latest software to churn out all the most complicated designs too. CNC Machining in China takes projects no matter what industry and also some of the most hardest and complicated projects too. They host a ton of benefits for carving out both simple and the complicated designs too.

  • High levels of pure precision and accuracy
  • Repeatable process
  • Quick turnaround
  • Choice of metals, alloys and plastics
  • Produce a prototype with small batch and low volume production cost.

Industrial Work:

A sheer army of professional expertise with engineering skill, highly advanced technology, the latest and the finest machinery ensures to deliver a product that surely exceeds your expectations. They are capable of withstanding even extreme harsh conditions and desperate environment. They are used for innumerable and countless important applications with its application in nearly every industry.

  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Computers and many more.

Cost Ratio:

It is important in manufacturing process to create products cost effectively and timely without any fuss. However thanks to the CNC Machining in China that we are able to produce products with least investment and still retain the quality. They provide you with maximum efficiency with minimal cost and time. But there are still certain things you have to keep in mind before opting for CNC machine services.

  • Specification of only critical tolerance: Design your material carefully and also identify the critical tolerance that are necessary which will save the CNC Machining from costly affairs and therefore eliminate the measures of rather non – critical areas.
  • Try not to go smaller: Considering the cost effectiveness of the CNC Machining in China, ensure that your curved parts are not less than 0.4mm of radius. From a designer’s lens, smaller curved parts are precise but have rough surface finish but in reality, the larger ones turn out to be the easy ones and have smooth surface finish.
  • Knowing the surface area: If you are operating on a small surface area, then it shall require a small cutter that can work at a slow speed to facilitate precision. When your process is elimination of small pieces on each passes then it will definitely increase the lead times.

Overall, it’s a wonderful technology developed and designed to have precisely cut the metal, alloy and plastics. CNC Machining in China is the mainstream procedure for cutting and milling and turning and has transformed into multi industry level work.