With a wide range of surface treatments and finishes offered by the CNC machining services, all your parts are covered. Unless specified, the CNC machined part may have “as-milled” surface touch. But, some parts need more processing to achieve the desired surface characteristic and property for the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, cosmetic, and other purposes. CNC machining offers the wide range of the surface treatments and finishes to ensure all your parts meet their surface property needs.

Custom Manufacturing Provided

CNC services give instant pricing for the custom manufacturing, which includes 3D printing, precision CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, or urethane casting services. They also offer live engineering supported upload 3D CAD file for getting the instant quote on 3D printing, CNC, and sheet metal, and request the quote for an injection molding. Some common surface treatments and finishes are anodizing, bead blasting, and powder coating. So, take a close look at the descriptions for complete detail on the finishes. CNC machining services offer chem-film, electroless gold, nickel, and silver plating, and the custom finishes. Suppose you need the surface finish and treatment that you do not see, you can reach to their support team and they will help you instantly help!

Standard and As-Milled Finish

This is one standard finish that results in the surface roughness of over 125 uin. The minor tool marks actually are visible on this part. Improving surface finish (or roughness) to 32, 16 or 63 uin can increase the manufacturing operations number and increase the costs.

Bead Blast Finish

The light texture with a matte finish is made by blowing the small beads against a part in the designated areas. Extra cost might occur if the design needs significant masking of the surfaces and holes that don’t need bead blasting.

Anodizing, Type II

Type II coatings make the uniform and corrosion resistant coating. The parts are dyed in the different colors just after anodizing –red, gold or black are highly common. Some parts are not dyed and anodizing is generally associated with the aluminum parts.

Anodizing, Type III

Type III coatings make the wear resistant layer for the specified thickness and corrosion resistance with the Type II coatings. The parts are dyed in the different colors just after anodizing –red, gold or black are common. Anodizing is generally associated with the aluminum parts.

Powder Coat Finish

The powdered paint can be sprayed on the part that is sent through the oven to bake paint on the part. It creates the strong, corrosion and wear resistant layer, which is highly durable than the standard painting methods. The wide range of colors is accessible to attain desired part aesthetic. The powder coating is highly used in the military applications.

In a way CNC machinery functions can be by the computer controlling the specific machine tool by numerical control. Every cutting tool in this manufacturing procedure needs its CNC program. CNC machinery can look like the normal computer, but, will have the program, which is customized for the object that computers can be programmed for generating through functions by using G codes and drive encoders, which move the tools and slides of machine to a precise position.