When it comes to prototyping services, they do have one thing in common. They all need software to operate at full capacity. Currently, on the market, there are plenty of rapid prototyping programs.

How do you choose the right one? This is where now the difference between an excellence machined part/product and a mediocre one. For most manufacturers, they like to go with software made by big firms.

Well, at times, they will work, and other times they won’t as they will not fully cater to your production needs. Despite having a large pool of options, selecting the right one can be quite tricky, especially if you are not conversant with complete prototyping techniques.

To select the right one, you must be ready to ask the tough and hard questions. You will be required to widen your scope beyond features and functionality of the software, take deep considerations of all the factors that will influence your design.

An excellent way to start is looking at the user-friendliness of your software, how difficult or easy is it to handle the software? Can it meet the design needs of your product? Can it satisfy the needs and requirements of your team?

For this purpose, we have come with a comprehensive list of things that you need to pay special attention to when looking for software.

  • Must be quick- it must be able to create a prototype within a set time-frame as it will influence the ease of usage of the software
  • Easy to use/ user-friendliness- Anyone in your team with basic training must have the capabilities of using the software with minimal issues
  • Readily handle collaboration- In prototype production you will need more than one person which means that everyone must fully understand their role and what they are doing
  • Usable- the software must be able to achieve its intended function in a single sitting
  • Delivery- The final prototype should be an exact copy of the final product in terms of intimate details, functionality, and features.

The software is supposed to make your work easier and improve efficiency allowing us to meet the needs of our clients and factor in their opinions. In LT century, here are some of the software that we highly recommend.

plastic conveyor rollers

plastic conveyor rollers*

Axure RP

It’s one of the most popular and experienced software on the list, it’s detailed and reliable, bringing all your design features to your prototype. Their brand speaks volumes for itself; the software is continually being updated to keep up with the modern trend and changes in the manufacturing sector.

With Axure RP, you will be able to handle almost anything ranging from UI flow, website map, interactive design, diagram, to mention a few.

In Vision                                  

This is a web-based prototyping software; it can sufficiently handle the four simple steps of creating an online prototype. It gives you the option of creating a new project, which in turn, you can upload your drafts for visual design.

You can also add the links you need then generate your prototype online. In Vision is not your regular prototype tool; however, it allows you UI/UX sketches. With rapid prototyping landscape.



*Image from https://www.chukoh.com/