No matter where you turn these days, chances are you will see something that is lined up with plastic parts. From the newest smartphone to the pipes on a new building, these days there seem to be more uses for plastic in every corner of the world. One of the greatest challenges faced by developers is choosing the best manufacturer to create the parts they need for their projects, and to make them with the highest quality possible. It’s not an easy task, and it’s something that can be considered lightly. Any developer, no matter the size of their project should always look for the best combination of price and quality to get the job done.

custom plastic injection molding

custom plastic injection molding*

The reason behind a successful product also relies heavily on the study we do about our ideal manufacturers. The homework should not be focused solely on their reputation, as important as it is. We have to be able to do the hard questions, especially if our project has many layers of complexity. Reputation alone doesn’t cut it if the manufacturer we want to work with is not capable of handling the materials we need for our part. A plastic injection molding plant has an engineering team on site that knows everything is required about the best materials for a project. They should be able to tell you first hand if they can handle your project according to specifications.

Considerations About Outsourcing Manufacturing Projects

While our line of advice seems to make this search process full of bumps in the way, it’s actually not that difficult if you know the specs of your project and also the scope of it. As we have stated, the best manufacturers have teams in place that know first-hand the manufacturing capabilities of their plants. They probably can handle the task at hand if they specialize in the type of project you have in mind, the problems come in the way when the manufacturer works on very small and specialized projects. Even if they offer a good deal to handle your project it may cost you more down the road. You may find the hard way that their willingness to work doesn’t match their skills.

The other side of the coin that can affect the outcome of your project is the flexibility of your design. A lot of manufacturers can have a hard time getting the right materials to create your plastic molded part because of the standards you have set for them. It’s an uncommon practice, but they can downplay their issues and delays with an excuse that can land you a hard hit if you are on a strict schedule. You also have to take into consideration all the phases related to prototyping and testing to make sure that everything works the way it’s supposed to. Remember that most of these manufacturing projects are done with a very narrow window of development given how fast these processes have become in the last few years.

Working with Versatile Manufacturers

If there is one system of development we need to advise you to avoid by any means is handling your plastic injection molding project with multiple manufacturers companies.  When a company doesn’t have the materials to create a plan, they will talk about outsourcing one or various stages of the development of the project to a company who has the materials you need. This is a major red flag and something that will yield disastrous results for you in the future. The main issue with this course of action is that you are cut off of these stages since the company you asked for the part will deal with the company handling the stages on their terms.

The consequence of this course of action often translates in delayed schedules and increased costs of shipping. This network is very common in manufacturing paradises in Asia, but given that many companies in China are upping the ante to make their operations as centralized as possible, the best way to go for you is to work with a single company that is able to handle all the phases of the project without issues. If you are in the position of needing to outsource your manufacturing project, the best you can do to have satisfying results is work with a single company that can handle everything from scratch: from early stages of design to prototyping and shipping as you need it.

 Following a Smart Strategy

It’s always good to work with someone who has effective and reliable channels of communication. Discussing a project with a manufacturer that overseas often brings a few misplaced words or a lost instruction. Make sure you can talk things over with your manufacturer as often as you need. While some companies work as you see fit, others go overboard on their own standards to please their clients and might end up causing delays with a misplaced sense of perfectionism. This can be solved with a quick checkup, and it’s up to you to make sure everything is all right.



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