With the rising global temperatures, the need to conserve the environment is now important more than ever. The manufacturing industry is not left behind especially the finishing service sector which has been known to use techniques and materials that cause adverse effects to the environment.

In line with the global efforts, the metal finishing service industry has developed new techniques for finishing and plating that will be beneficial to the client as well as the environment. The new techniques will provide you with a high-level performance while still at the same time provide you the assurance that the technique used will not harm the environment.

metal surface finishing

metal surface finishing*

The best environmentally friendly finishing services


Anodizing is a type of finishing process which normally converts the metal substrate into a robust and durable decorative anodic oxide and corrosion-resistant finishing. The application of this substrate finishing is just the same as that of highly controlled oxidation.

The result is the anodic oxide will be fully integrated into the substrate making it virtually impossible for them to either peel or chip. Anodizing is well-suited to non-ferrous metals like aluminum, titanium, and magnesium.

What anodizing essentially does is to prepare the metal surface for key processes such as coloring and sealing. Anodizing is an eco-friendly metal finishing service as it utilizes an aluminum alloy which is a durable and versatile metal.

It does not have or contain VOCs or RCRA heavy metals which comply with all the environmental guidelines and policies as well as Federal laws. Some of the benefits that come with an anodic oxide finish include increased insulation and lubrication as well as reduced friction.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a free-flowing and dry powder, this specific powder doesn’t need a solvent in a mixture. The application is mainly electrostatically, and its in turn cured by heat. Powder coating acts as a skin on the substrate.

It’s a popular metal finishing technique owing to its cost-effectiveness as well as durability. Expense highly recommends using powder coating as its eco-friendlier, it doesn’t emit harmful compounds and its raw-materials are completely safe.

Its application can be even done indoors as there is a reduced risk of air pollution. Aside from the green qualities, other benefits that come with powder coating include:

  • Simple application process
  • Less exhaust emitted, which lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Can bereused and saved
  • No waste disposal equipment mechanism is needed

Electroplating is not a green process, there are other technologically advanced and environmentally conscious alternatives to electroplating that achieved the same results. One such processes include physical vapor deposition (PVD).

PVD is a powder coating that doesn’t emit hazardous or harmful waste. It’s a clean and eco-friendly application that meets all the environmental protection standards, PVD is high-performing, and its durable with the capability of taking on the desired characteristics, such as thickness.



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