Polyurethane vacuum casting is a process used to produce small and accurate number of polyurethane prototype parts. The parts produced by this method have the comparable characteristics of the end product. The vacuum casting process can be used to make parts to extremely fine level while keeping concessions to the bare minimum. The main aim of this process is to satisfy toolmaker’s production tool requirement. From a single master mold, smaller parts can be made using a silicone rubber. Vacuum casting chambers and ovens provide great deal of flexibility in turning the tools and producing the end result quickly. The main technical details about the casting process includes maximum casting weight and maximum mold size.

Know about the casting process

This process is used to make small number of highly accurate polyurethane parts. Due to some of the manually intensive steps involved, one has to perform additional steps due to which the process slows down somewhat. The time required to manufacture depends on the main characteristics of the part while the key factor is the size as it impacts the curing time of the material. Single mold master can be used to make the parts and this mold can be made with the help of silicone rubber material while the casting is made by pouring resin into the mold in a vacuum chamber. The ultimate result is a high-quality casting without any blemishes. It is a highly ideal process to create functional plastic prototypes and the process can easily replicate dimensions, textures, profiles and patterns. It is used for the production of parts for functionality testing, assembling line trials and also used for marketing purposes. The process of polyurethane vacuum casting is quite simple. A mold is created in a room temperature vulcanization using a master mold. The master model is produced using a 3-D printing using a computer aided design model. Also, if the direct copy of the object is needed then the object can be used to make the silicone rubber mold. If you are confused about the process, you can choose vacuum casting services.

Benefits of choosing Vacuum casting

This method is used as an effective way for producing high quality accurate prototype parts of polyurethane and it can deliver parts with range of rigidity and flexibility. One can also produce range of materials and colors along with better clarity. It can be used in conjunction with the prototyping techniques and it also obviates the requirement of an expensive production tooling. It is an ideal process for functional testing, marketing, highly cost effective, low volume runs, high quality product, fine accuracy and detail, range of properties can be made and no requirement of expensive hard tooling.


Vacuum casting process is a highly versatile process used to produce range of cast nylon and polyurethane and also allows to replicate and replace engineering polymers. Some of the typical applications includes diverse range of fields and industries such as healthcare products, scientific products, trim and interiors, automotive lenses, under-bonnet components, enclosures and housings.