CNC machining service caters to operating factory tools and machinery with the help of pre-programmed computer software. This process controls a various range of machinery like lathes, mills, grinders and routers, etc.

Before opting for CNC milling service suppliers in China, let’s first get an insight into the basics of the same.

A Short Intro:

A milling machine consists of a cutting tool which gives a material its intended shape as output. CNC milling is a part of CNC machining service which is regulated through computer programs to perform both drilling and cutting processes.

The cutting tool of a CNC milling machine is capable of moving in 3 dimensions; it rotates on the axis which is perpendicular to the table that holds the materials to be cut. Computer software controls motion of the cutting tool and guides to move along the horizontal (X, Y) and vertical (Z) axis. Thus, the material placed on the table gets cut, and the desired shape is created accurately.

What are the advantages?

These CNC milling machines are not only automated but also designed with a touch screen, user-friendly interface and swing arm Automatic Tool Change (ATC). As equipped with software, they ensure extreme accuracy. Hence, inputting instructions do not compromise efficiency.

The milling machines don’t involve operators to directly engage in the cutting process, thereby, reducing chances of an accident. For this reason, they need less supervision and rather help in overall cost reduction of a company.

What to look for while selecting a CNC Milling Supplier in China?

China is a huge market for CNC machining; so, before availing a supplier of CNC milling service in China, keep in mind the following pointers –

  • Is the company enthusiastic? And will they be able to deliver quality products pertaining to latest technology? Sometimes, the suppliers show a lot of zeal while securing the order but fail to deliver the same, which affects productivity of a manufacturer.
  • This manufacturing sector involves working with stainless steel, plastics and even hybrid materials.To avoid disruption in efficiency, ensure that the supplier has a good understanding of the process.
  • There is a wide range of products to be worked with; hence, customized designs may be needed. Discuss with the company personnel in this matter to get an overview of their responsive nature.
  • Check the supplier’s portfolio and past experiences in this industry. This would give an idea of what to expect.
  • Contemplate on price. Is the machine value for money? Check whether the supplier can meet the needs while adhering to the approved budget.

Few other things to be careful about:

There are some major factors to ponder on while finalizing on a suitable supplier. For example – how would their service differ according to the place of installation? If placed outdoor, would the supplier ensure longevity by providing robust, weather resistant and rust proof machine?

Heavy machinery absorbs stress and load easily but they may not be appropriate for sensitive materials such as alloys, plastics, ceramics and polymers. Hence, it is important to consider weight as a major factor in designing to avoid any damage. Do consider this point.

Also, choose a CNC machining service keeping in mind the operational temperature to optimize benefits as too hot or too cold could affect materials. A supplier should provide professional treatment for all of these.

Thus, the above mentioned points can be influential to make a well-informed decision regarding a CNC milling supplier in China.