The CNC is approved as computer numerical control and the centroid CNC will make an engine block faster and more accurately work than the competing products. The CNC machining products are equipped with a 24 tool automatic swing arm tool charger.

The centroid has made advancements to the machine, the block fixturing and CNC control which permit you to produce accurate race winning cylinder blocks quickly and easily. The centroid patented digitizing probe in the CNC machines will automatically determine the location, diameter and angle of any feature on the block.

The centroid ’s easy programmed conversational cycles take the hassle out of the programming. There is no need of great experience to design this machine. The actual CNC machine information is displayed on the screen beside the factory information.

The centroid CNC Block machine is equipped with a high tech digitizing probe which automatically locates and measure cylinder bores, deck heights, and lifter bores with our exclusive easy to use block specific conversational software.

In CNC machines, both a table and a graphic display shows the operator differences, select to make the appropriate adjustments and then automatically CNC machine the block the new requirements.

Process in CNC machining:

Process 1: automatic CNC block blueprinting or CNC probing:

Blueprinting of any machine block helps to make very accurate measurements of the existing options so corrections can be made. The traditional way of laborious manual measurements has been eliminated.

To measure an entire block in the machine, simply select the options to blueprint and the probe automatically measures the block and displays the actual diameters and positions of the cylinder bores and compares it to the factory specs.

The operator then selects to make any modifications in the system if it is needed. The centroid DP-4 Probe is a state of the art, made-in-USA highly precise probe which can detect in all axis and directions.

Process 2: CNC engine block surfacing:

In the CNC machines with a fast push-button tool change the machine will surface the block to the exact deck height as specified. The probe automatically detects the block existing surface height at multiple locations so the operator can select the proper surface depth to machine to for a perfectly flat and square deck to the cylinder bore.

Process 3: CNC engine block boring:

In the CNC machines, the Automatic Boring cycles are pre-programmed and are menu driven with a simple fill-in-the-blank format. This machines are designed with a 360 degree CNC rotary axis will position the block at the exact blueprint angle automatically.

Machine comes with both cylinder banks with the same setup. Block database saves your work for future jobs. Bore on probed centers, Blueprint or any other specified location. Specialized boring tooling included.

Process 4: head stud conversion, automatic, drill, counterbore and tab:

The CNC machines are comes with convert blocks for head studs with ease. The machine will automatically drill out the existing threads counterbore the lead in and rigid tap the threads to accept the new head studs.

The centroid machines designed with a user-friendly CNC block software which is the conventional format it means all you have do is fill in the blanks with the basic block information, no need to go out of house or learn G-codes, our easy to learn Block Software is made specifically for engine builders saving your time.

As a conclusion of this article, you can save all of your programs and base new ones off of existing work, building a custom group of block machining programs specific to your applications by using the CNC machines.