Steel is no doubt the most used type of metal in the world. Statistics have shown that 2 billion tons of steel are produced in the world every year. There are 3500 different grades of steel which mean every industry selects its grades to use. CNC machining services companies have been doing most of their projects from steel. The question is, why is this metal so widely used? This is because steel can be formed into anything and it is always durable and strong compared to the other types of metals. Here are the common applications of steel.

Construction of Cars’ Bodies

Every year, car manufacturers upgrade their cars and when they do, they also upgrade the type of steel being used. Most of the high-end cars high-end on the road have been made from top-grade steel for them to be safe and reliable. The heavy trucks that are used to carry stones and do a lot of earthwork projects are normally made from steel so you can always say steel is everything in the automotive sector. Even the basic machines, most of the material used to make them is steel.

sheet metal parts

sheet metal parts*

Building Materials

Have you seen the DY metals that are used to make pillars when building skyscrapers? That is steel and it is being used even in bridges. CNC machining services companies have been using them to make outstanding building materials that are tough, reliable, and efficient. Safety barriers for roads especially on highways and bridges are all made from steel so that people don’t fall over or cars don’t lose direction and fall into valleys. Always make sure you have an outstanding type of CNC machining if you want these building materials to be of high quality.

Metal Roofing and Railways

These days it is very rare to see people using wood for roofing materials, especially the ones that are building flats. Metal roofing is necessary especially if you want to cover your roof with concrete. It holds the slab together ensuring that it remains intact without any cracks or lines of weakness.  Railways are routes that absorb a lot of heavyweights and the highest grade of steel is normally used to ensure it doesn’t break and cause accidents, for this reason, steel has been instrumental in the Railway making industry. Steel is used for the toughest work in the world.


The use of steel began a long time ago as people were using it to make crude weapons. Even today, guns and firearms are made using steel and the more advanced weapons in the world are made from steel. CNC machining companies have upgraded their production plants to ensure they can work on hard metals like steel so that they don’t disappoint clients. Steel is chiefly in the automotive industry because that is where no car or vehicle can be made without the use of steel. Know the grade of steel before you buy it especially if you want steel for the building industry.



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