CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control machine which is used to remove material by use of precision and high speed cutting tools and ultimately creates a final design. There are three types of CNC machines namely Vertical, Horizontal and Lathes machine. Programming a CNC machine and dictate its movement is the key thing and the instructions are made using an encoded Computer Aided Manufacturing software along with CAD file. There are so many benefits of using Five Axis machine and it helps in saving time and money.

Main benefits of 5-Axis CNC machining

The key thing about a five-axis machine is that it can be moved in five ways around the multiple axis at the same time. The machine has the capability to allow manufacturing of complex parts in the most effective manner. It has additional rotary axis that can take one of the two basic forms, just like a CNC machining center, it has three linear axes. You need to be wary about CNC machine service if you want to make it work in a reliable manner. Some of the benefits of 5-Axis CNC machine are mentioned below.

  • Minimized steps – Fewer steps are needed to be made to create a complex geometry. It uses a five-axis technology to create the geometry compared to the traditional machining way. Multiple set ups are possible with three axis machining but one can minimize the number of steps required to create the final design. It is more efficient and reliable along with more productivity.
  • No need for complex fixtures – Often with the three-axis machine, complex fixtures required to made in order to create orientation and eliminates the requirement of creating the right kind of fixture. The main reason behind this is that the part can be held once and rotated so that the geometry can be created easily. Five axis machining provides great ability to make complex shapes in single set up that leads to saving time, money and operator error and these are the most predominant reasons behind using this machine.
  • Fast removal of material – the five-axis machine allows cutting tool to remain perpendicular to the cutting surface and therefore allows the cutting easier and faster removal of material. This also reduces the cycle times and the costs as well since more material can be easily removed in each cycle of the tool. One can even check the CNC mining procedure and it is also quite better compared to the other traditional procedures.
  • Better surface finishing – If you are looking for a machine with better surface finish then this machine is best suited for you. Compared to the traditional 3-axis machine, one can achieve smaller cuts and good surface finish that results in better lead times and time to market.


The idea behind five axis machining is clear and its benefits also show the importance of using this machine. Some of the benefits are mentioned above and one can achieve lower cost, better productivity, save time and reduce operator error. The cutting tools used can be can used to create complex solid parts without much effort.