For many people who are not in the manufacturing sector, they have a popular belief that CNC machining services are a simple and straightforward process since automated machines handle the entire procedure.

Well, this couldn’t be any further from the truth; at LT century, most of our clients don’t have the slightest idea of the amount of work when it comes to getting the precision setting that will be used to deliver prototype machined parts and products.

Most of the CNC machining services can be significantly enhanced and improved when fixture plates are used. With fixture plates, you’ll immediately notice clean finishing in your products and parts that’s created with extreme precision and also ensure there is a better usage of the available tooling procedures without tampering with their lifespan.

For this post, we are going to highlight some of the benefits that come with using fixture plate in CNC machining services.

Enhance the ability of your CNC machines

During the tooling procedure, your machine will require a bit of helping hand when it comes to the completion of complicated tasks, especially when you are using the latest tech in the production sector. Fixture plates will assist your machine in completing intricate and complicated tooling tasks and procedures.

They are tailor-designed to improve and enhance the productivity of CNC machines used in the manufacturing field.

Fixture plates on CNC machine

Fixture plates on CNC machine*

Keeping workspace tidy and clean

CNC machines can sometimes make a mess of your workspace, primarily due to chipping. With fixture plates, this will be a thing of the past. Fixture plates will charter a path where you can remove any waste materials without tampering with the integrity and smooth finishing of your machined parts or product.

Due to this, the production lead time will be reduced as you will not have to stop the machining process due to crashes or maintenance.

Minimize issues arising from regular settings 

The CNC machining table is the central place where machines perform automated tasks on your preferred materials. In the long run, this can be continually affected by clogging, dings, and crashing when your plaques don’t meet the minimum uniformity.

With the use of a fixture plate, your CNC machines will be able to manage all the tasks one at a time by positioning itself something which other typical settings won’t especially when you are using t-slots.

Protect and secure the machine table

If you perform large-volume tasks, one thing is for sure; you’ll have to replace your iron cast tables due to the intensity of the machines, which leaves you with no choice but to discard it and get a new one.

When you use fixture plates, they will provide your table with an extra layer of protection, making it durable and allow it to last longer. Note that fixture plates to wear and tear quite quickly as they are customized to perform a certain task.

Using the right fixture will make you stand out from the rest, especially in the competitive prototyping sector. At, Lt century, we use fixture plates for all our machining services enabling us to handle short production runs as well as cater to the needs and specifications of our clients.



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