As can be seen evidently, machines have become an integral part of our lives. They make our work quick, efficient and accurate. Machines make our work simpler and carry out the complex process by themselves, saving our time, energy and labor. To make a machine work, all you have to do is enter a command on the computer and leave the rest to the machine. However, have you ever wondered how this system works? What makes a machine complete an entry job on its own?

The answer is CNC machining. This is simply a program that decides and processes the kind of work a machine is supposed to do. For instance, a machine that is used to manufacture a product or products would be under full control of CNC machining so that it could complete the job. The program decides the kind of movement pattern the machine will have, for how long the machine would be working, etc.

cnc machining parts

cnc machining parts*

Process of Manufacturing Parts:

CNC machining can be used to manufacture parts using machines as a medium. There is an entire process that occurs to create the final product that is ready to be used. To help you understand the process easier, below mentioned are the steps of the same. Take a look:


The first step is to decide and design the kind of product you want. Once you have a clear image of your requirements in your head, you can start with drafting. The best way to put a design into software is by using CAD. This software lets you draft a 2D image of your design which could be sent forward for further processes. It has numerous tools that are easy to use and can help you with designing.


Once your CAD model is ready, you can send it through programs so that it could be converted into G-code. One such software is CAM software. This software will convert your entire model into a g-code language which would be required for the CNC machining. The code will be sent to the CNC machining for further processes.


The next step is to load all the data of the work into the CNC machining program. This would prepare the machine to start with the process. The program would also mark the starting point of the work or the 0, 0 point. This would be done by keeping the CAD drawing as a reference.

Once these three steps have been taken care of, the machine and CNC machining could be started. It will notice that the machine automatically starts to manufacture a version of your design on a material you chose. CNC machining is being used in several sectors of production. Machines such as plasma cutters, water jets, lasers, routers, etc. work with the help of CNC machining program. This has helped evolve the production sector to a new standard making it possible for us to make our work simple, efficient, and accurate.



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