The world of manufacturing has evolved very fast over the past twenty years. Many people are wondering how this happened so quickly. In a matter of years, China became the leading force in the manufacturing industry of the world. They did so by improving their technique on par with the technology to make their operation sustainable and profitable. The facts are laid out in the open: when it comes to the creation of metal parts, China CNC machining services lead the way. But we wonder if technology has taken everything that made manufacturing such a unique procedure. We answer that question in the following lines.

high precision CNC machining center

high precision CNC machining center*

​CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control machining. It takes everything that made traditional machining great and allows technology to do it even better. A lot of people wonder why even traditional tooling and machining is still a thing when there are devices that can do the same job at twice the rate speed and with better output and finishes. While it’s true that CNC machining outperforms traditional machining in almost every regard when it comes to speed, quality, and attention to detail is an entirely different matter. We can list a series of reasons why China CNC machining services are excellent, and how they compare to traditional tooling in some stances, please keep up with us.


Anyone can operate a CNC machine with some training and following the basics in the specs of the project. CNC does not demand the operator to have years of experience under his belt to get something done. In turn, traditional machining requires full technical knowledge of tooling as well as primary engineering, measurements, and mathematics. Traditional machining operators are some of the most knowledgeable persons in the world without a technical degree.


CNC machines can handle production cycles that run 24 hours without stopping. As a matter of fact, the largest China CNC machining services have enough equipment to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These devices only need to be programmed once to craft hundreds of parts in a very short period. Classic tooling doesn’t have that on their side; the numbers reached with traditional machining are not even a fraction of the automated method, plus it0s prone to have more mistakes in the final output.


This is probably the trickiest item on the list. CNC machines are outstanding devices when it comes to output, but they are not infallible. You get a lot of high-precision parts done in a matter of moments, but a genuinely seasoned technician can achieve 1/4 of that production with zero mistakes. That’s one wonder of the human skill set that still has to be reached by any machine.

Automation and Secondary Tasks

CNC machining services are very much capable of handling multiples stages of development for any products using state of the art technology to get things done without problems. Secondary tasks such as turning, milling, and others can be handled by other technicians using the same device. Most of these are managed with the help of computer programs. Traditional machining can only make a fraction of this, and needless to say, the technician would have to be significantly experienced to achieve remarkable numbers on this idea on its own merits.



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