We get to hear a lot about the moments when a good idea strikes from some of the most successful people in the world. Sometimes it seems like an out of reach dream for many of us and even considering pursuing a business idea of our own seems farfetched or just plain delusional. You probably can’t afford to drink from the same fountain as the people that continually tells you that you only need a dollar and a dream to make it happen. The motto still applies, although is good to work around it on realistic terms.

One Missed Step, One Missed Opportunity

New entrepreneurs pursue their dreams each day creating new products. Since China became the top leading manufacturing playground in the world, most of these new businessmen come to the mainland to hire the best rapid prototyping services they can find. Most of the times their ideas are great, but they sure lack the financial muscle to back them up. Failed startups are all too common in the Asian nation. More than one sad story can be shared based on a single fact that most of them tend to oversee due to their low budgets: they go for a full prototype before testing their idea as a proof of concept.

Most people seem to think that a good idea will work no matter how. That just unrealistic since almost all products need to go over quite a few development stages before being finally created using rapid prototyping services. If you are one of the lucky ones that are able to work with an in-house designing team, you will get early access to CAD files and most of the development to try something bold on your end. Proof of concept for your product can be created this early, and you can use that basic mockup to shop around your idea and get more people interested in your project.

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Proof of Concept, The Savior of Manufacturing Projects

The main goal behind proof of concept is to create a very basic reproduction of your idea with all the features it should have, most of the time is a detachable reproduction that allows you to show off the mechanics behind your plan and it helps you explain how it will work. These models are usually created using vacuum casting procedures and low costs plastics such as rubber. Proof of content is not meant to be functional, but it should be able to show how something works, just as a see-through human model is used in medicals schools to indicate the location of the organs in our bodies.

Even running on a low budget creating a proof of concept for a product is insanely cheap when compared with the cost of a finished prototype, which in turn is more affordable these days due to 3D printing and rapid prototyping services. Even if you don’t need the additional funding, it’s always a good idea to get the full preview before diving in the creation of the product without having a first impression of how it will look and how it should work. Proof of concept can be a lifesaver and something that will help you to get your finances in order to achieve your goal.



*The picture is from https://www.xcentricmold.com