The usage of CNC Router bits is closely related with choosing the right twist drills and end mills for the job. So, it’s important to have a simple and clear comprehension of how the CNC bits work and the correct way of using them.

Before you get down to work, you need to fully understand your project and the end objectives of the assignment as well as the type of properties and features that you will be machining, materials that you’ll be working with, the abilities of the tools, and the cost-efficiency of the whole work.

Lastly, you should have a specifically dedicated working group solely working on them to optimize your work if need be. At times during the manufacturing process, using the right and proper tools will enable you save cash which could have otherwise been wasted on materials as well as damaged tools which will influence the overall budget of your project.

cnc bits for wood

cnc bits for wood*

Use and application of CNC Bits?

CNC Router Bits are commonly are mostly used in CNC machining processes; they are the ones solely responsible for creating several features on the piece that you’ll be working on. The key features that you will most likely be working with include holes or hole-related features.

With CNC bits you can also create pockets of islands with 3D or 2D profiles, cutting outlines, bosses, chamfers, edge trimmings, working surfaces, rounding, orengraving. After figuring everythingthat’s to be done, you can now select the kind of bit that you want to use in accordance with the type of finishing that you intend on using. You can opt to use the up-cut bit which works by bringing all the chips up nearer the surface and down-cut which sends it to the opposite direction.

Key differences between CNC Bits

Before delving any deeper with your CNC machining process, first and foremost you’ll be required to first understand the difference between the CNC bits. It all boils down to the type of the finishing that will be delivered after using them

Up-cut option is one of the most popular options, and its most frequently used for light metals and wood. These materials tend to chip away which in turn creates strays on top of its surface, your finished product will need trimming to even out and smoothen the surface.

The down-cut option is tailor-designed to take the chips down as well as deliver clean finished products but the base wears out quickly. Some of the most widely used CNC bit at the moment include:

Compression cutters

Its one of the most effective tools currently in use as it can perform both down cut and up cut actions reliant on the particular setting or specs of the job. The length of the flute comes with double edges which is easily adjustable to be used by any CNC machine.

Chip Breaker Cutters

These types of bits are tailor-made to break down each chip that is coming out from the surface to the minimum as well as drill holes on rough materials. Its serrated edges make it perfect to be used on smaller pieces of solid metals such as lead or iron.



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