Vacuum casting is a quick process to reproduce prototypes and industrial parts. Because it is fast, accurate and affordable in producing small quantities of parts or products with identical designs, it is a reliable production process. Vacuum casting services involve many processes, but it can save both time and money as compared to other processes like CNC machining.

What is vacuum casting services?

Vacuum casting services use a prototype or a master model for silicone molds and producing identical copies. These silicone molds created for the vacuum casting services can make multiple copies of parts using a wide spectrum of polymers, some can be combined and layered to add more durability or enhance its appearance. It can be the best solution for producing many copies of a particular design faster and at a lower cost.

It is a manufacturing process applied in different industries like in automotive, engineering, electronics, manufacturing, aerospace and the energy sector.

Reproducing prototype designs without breaking the bank

The parts that are made with the use of vacuum casting services are more detailed, accurate and highly durable. They can be made with the use of affordable polymers, which requires a small number of post-processing treatments. This results in a greatly reduce costs as compared to other manufacturing processes.

Vacuum casting services are fast as the molds are ready for use in just a matter of days. It can also be used for a maximum of 50 units of high-quality polymer material. It is also the process to turn to when you need a less expensive manufacturing solution if you want to show a proof-of-concept for your design, visual aids for your presentations or a prototype for your design.

Vacuum Casting and Its Advantages

Vacuum casting services are excellent for low volume production of parts quickly because the master models can be produced quickly using 3D printing. The process of casting usually takes no more a few hours in each cycle all depending on the finishing it requires, sometimes it needs only a little cleanup, and they will be good to go. This rapid production time can beat other manufacturing processes.

Another advantage of using vacuum casting services is the step where you can add part pigmentation that gives a finish that is similar to injection moldings. You can also apply different surface textures, which you cannot find in CNC machining service.

Since silicone is a commonly used too, it softness can accommodate complex geometries. These tools are also cheap; therefore, the initial investment for vacuum casting is lower as compared to injection molding. This means that the cost of production is lower if you are doing market testing and you can have many design modifications.

Vacuum casting services are great for prototyping and making low volume production of plastic parts for market testing, development, and engineering. With vacuum casting you can have prototypes that you can see to prove a design, you can place the design in the hands of the board, and you can test the design, materials and other concepts with faster lead times at a lower cost. All of these you will not find in other manufacturing methods.