Five-Axis CNC machines are some of the most sophisticated devices of CNC technology out there. These machines are not exactly new, but they have proven to be so useful that they are continually improved with new functions added in each new revision. These work with different mechanisms than VCM machines or HMC, but they also can achieve a lot more when it comes to creating products.

What is Different from Regular 3-Axis CNC Milling Machines?

If you are currently using VCM or HMC devices, you are working double or triple steps to handle every machining task in your workshop. This doesn’t mean that 3-Axis machines are entirely obsolete since there are a lot of tasks that only these devices can do. 5-Axis machines still need to solve the issues related to their holders, as well as the need for larger pallets and increased table size. All these little details are water under the bridge the minute you get to treat raw materials with a powerful 5-Axis CNC milling machine.

There is quite a list of benefits of suing 5-Axis milling machines. We will talk about them in these lines. We can offer a little heads-up by pointing out that these devices are much more accurate and efficient than other similar equipment in the market. You can get some of the most incredible outputs when it comes to production because the margins of error are reduced to historical rates. Any stack-up errors and fixtures can be handled in a matter of moments. You can also have a better angle of the part being created because the geometry is dealt with in many strategic angles.

Waste Reduction and Improving the Management of Projects

One of the reasons that prompted the development of 5-Axis milling machines is the need to reduce the waste of raw product created by CNC milling machines. Maybe one of the most problematic tropes of 3-axis machines is the need to overturn a half-finished product to work the second phase of development. The 5-axis machine solves this problem with multiple features that can be easily managed during the data input stage. These devices have a tilt and a rotary axis to process workpieces in very inventive fashion.

Regarding waste, the most concerning aspect of it is the amount of materials wasted in CNC milling tasks. Some of the earliest models did away with too much product to make costs manageable. Modern CNC milling machines working with 5-axis is handled with some of the best computer-managed tooling available. This offers an incredible level of accuracy on each project. Management is proved as well as costs are reduced along with production cycles. The creation of parts is improved as waiting times are reduced. Good business for everyone.

5 axis milling machines

5 axis milling machines*

The Reasons to Switch to 5-Axis Milling Machines

If you are not convinced yet about the added benefits of using 5-Axis CNC milling machines, we can put a quick list with some hard facts for you. This will help you gain some perspective, and you will be able to improve the logistics related to any CNC machining project. Keep in mind that this technology is a bit more costly than other milling machines available in the market. With that being said, we offer our take:

· You Get to Lower the Cost of Labor

Complex projects are an ongoing demand in today’s market. 3-Axis machines can help you get by, but they need a lot of labor and resources to keep operating the long cycles. Add on top of this, the fact that a human operator needs to be in place to manage the workpiece for two-stage developments. That increases the time it takes to get done with a commission. 5-axis CNC milling machines can do the same job in half the time, with only one person handling all the process.

· You Need Less Data Input

Let’s get back a moment to stage machining tasks. They are used to create a product with intricate designs, and they take a lot of time. This counts for programming as well, as each cycle of the milling operation has to be done separately. This can take his toll on your operators and machinists if the order is too large. With a 5-axis milling machine, you will only have to input the data of the project once.

· You Save Money on Tools and Equipment

CNC milling tasks demand a lot of tools in the form of blades that do the milling on each piece. The use of the machine also brings additional expenses in the form of spare parts and maintenance. If you are saving half the time doing larger tasks, that means that your device is working at a steady pace. The 5-axis milling machine will require only its scheduled revisions to make sure everything is working as it should.

· The New Devices Take Lesser Space in the Workshop

If you have different CNC machines to handle all procedures and phases of a single development, you probably don’t have a lot of room in your workshop. You will be able to get more space by having a 5-axis milling machine in place. You can probably substitute two or three devices with these machines to get the job done.



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