CNC is also known as Computer Numerical Control. CNC machining means controlling machinery tools using automation where one can convert the material according to the given accurate specifications. The instructions that are given to machinery use CAD (computer aided design) software and then machine converts these instructions into a program which is understood by the machine.

The machine understands the instructions and cut away the part of the material that the program has specified to be cut. It is a subtractive technology for manufacturing which means that the part this machine generates are cut out from a block of material.

Types of CNC Machining System

CNC is well known as fastest predictable machining prototype. There are basically two types of CNC machining systems:

  • Milling – Milling is the widespread type used, it is quite popular as well. In this type of machines the material is set on the bed and then using rotational tools for cutting, the design of part is cut out.
  • Turning – CNC turning is also known as lathes. This type of machinery is used to create parts which are cylindrical in profile. In it the part is attached on spinning block and extra material is removed using stationary cutters.

Non cylindrical parts can be manufactured using CNC multi axis turning centres, which also encompasses milling tools. These types of latest machines can develop parts with rotational symmetry.

CNC Machining In China- searching for a service provider

If you are looking forward to employ CNC machining in China but are still confused, let’s look at some pointers which can help you choose a good service provider there.

  • Begin looking for service providers online and shortlist the ones which will take your order. Through the net one can collect vast amount of information regarding the service providers.
  • Look at the quantity you want to get made, based on that you can look for big or small firms. Sometimes if you have small batches of parts of different types you need to see whether the firm is able to produce the different varieties or not.
  • To get your products on time and if you want to minimise the chance of errors CAD (computer Aided Design) enabled service providers are the ones you should consider. The other variation that you can look for is CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) enabled providers. The results of CAD and CAM are generally accurate and results are quick.
  • Last but not the least you must negotiate for the price you and the other company is comfortable with. Make things clear beforehand about the quality and accuracy level required so that the process is carried out smoothly.

Use these pointers to select a good CNC machining in china service provider.

Where can these parts are used?

If you are wondering about where the parts that are developed by the CNC machinery are used than you have to know that list is quite long. These parts are used in varied fields and are generally required to be of high quality. Some of these fields are:

  • Automotive
  • User Electronics
  • Aeronautics
  • Engineering
  • Medicinal
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Computers and many more

To provide to such fields where high quality is a must, these services engage all of their talents like really high ended machinery, latest technology and personnel talent which can surpass your expectations. These parts should be able to survive in any kind of extreme conditions and environments. These days CNC machining in China is gaining a lot of popularity.

Why must one employ CNC machining services from china?

All of us are looking ways to reduce the cost involved in our businesses, not all the companies are big or have a strong hold. Some have to reduce costs to maintain their employee base. Why one must look for CNC machining in china is because they provide competitive prices. So how are they able to fulfil this?

  • Management cost is less
  • Labour cost is low
  • Material they get is low in cost
  • Production cost is also low

Now one must think that if they are providing services in such low prices, are they compromising on the quality front, but that does not seems to be the case. As CNC machining in china also believe in same rules of manufacturing as others do, they believe in providing high quality parts so that they can retain the customers. Generally their customer care is really efficient. Also within the organisation they have open culture between different sections. If a problem arises, all of the teams help in solving it. They go by the motto of delivering as quickly as possible.

So if you are looking for getting CNC machining in china and were still sceptical about it , maybe we could have solved some of the confusion.